About Clima4Rent

We specialise in ensuring the comfort of your event, whenever you need to acclimatise different kind of spaces, whether tents, palaces, castles, cloisters or multiuse complexes.

Our large experience in acclimatising spaces of high complexity, such as, for instance, Convento do Beato, Museu da Carris, Pavilhão de Exposições da Ajuda, Freeport Outlet of Alcochete or some of the best hotels in Alentejo and Algarve, are a guarantee of quality that we are proud of.

We can accommodate solutions to all kind of spaces regardless of their dimensions, being able to acclimatise spaces with high technical and safety requirements where, for instance, the use of gas is not possible.

Our portfolio of solutions, all of them capable of creating comfortable environments with a homogeneous temperature, and which offer the best rental conditions in the market, contains industrial generators, gas or “mushroom” type heaters, and paraffin heaters, ideal for small interior spaces given its more favourable energy consumption.

These solutions complement a wide range of services and products for events, such as Leds or non-enlightened dance floors, decorative solutions with furniture and lightening, light-up letters,  sound systems and robotics, therefore assuring all necessary conditions to the success of your event.